Glamorous Pumpkin for those Halloween Parties

Hey! So as I was doing my usual blog browsing/inspiration gathering, I stumbled upon this beautiful DIY that can turn your holiday party from scary into scary beautiful…

What you Need:

Martha Stewart Metallic Acrylic craft Paint in three shades (available at Michaels or Amazon)
Kraft pumpkin (I found mine at Michaels)


1. Start by painting the bottom half of your pumpkin with your darkest color and work your way up towards the middle with your brush.

2. Immediately start on your second midtone color so that its easier to blend the colors. Brush in up and downward motions across the middle and up towards the top.

3. Finish with your lightest gold color around the top, continuning to blend together the layers. Let dry and then display!




Five Spooky Halloween DIYs to Kick off the Holiday Season

Hey, so as you guys all know Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are rolling around pretty soon. So to kick off the holiday season in a spooky way, I’ve conjured up five amazing spooky DIY projects! Enjoy! 

1) Creepy Spider Pie via

2) Pumpkin pie bites (so yummy):

3) Goldleaf Halloween Postcards (you can also use this concept for Christmas and New Years’ Eve cards as well!):

4) Creepy Cat-Eye No-Carve Pumpkins:

5) Cameo Hairpin:

Just some stylish & delicious projects to get your holiday DIY juices flowin’! 

My Autumn To Do List:

Well, since it’s a season of change, it’s time to post my annual list of fall to-dos. 

  1. Go apple picking in the Cornell Orchards
  2. Make homemade apple butter and give as gifts for October birthdays 
  3. Take pictures of the leaves changing on a long road (corny, but needs to be done)
  4. Make apple cider donuts
  5. Watch a marathon of scary movies with my not-determined-yet cuddle buddy
  6. Buy socks for my L.L Bean boots
  7. Drink old-fashioned apple cider from Cornell Orchards
  8. Create a Miley Cyrus VMA halloween costume (just, YIKES)
  9. Buy ten winter sweaters. Yay! Fall fashion
  10. Invest in at least two pairs of winter booties