Five Spooky Halloween DIYs to Kick off the Holiday Season

Hey, so as you guys all know Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are rolling around pretty soon. So to kick off the holiday season in a spooky way, I’ve conjured up five amazing spooky DIY projects! Enjoy! 

1) Creepy Spider Pie via

2) Pumpkin pie bites (so yummy):

3) Goldleaf Halloween Postcards (you can also use this concept for Christmas and New Years’ Eve cards as well!):

4) Creepy Cat-Eye No-Carve Pumpkins:

5) Cameo Hairpin:

Just some stylish & delicious projects to get your holiday DIY juices flowin’! 


Six Years Sober Today

Hey guys! So as of today, I’ve been sober for six years. It’s definitely been a struggle and sometimes I just wanted to break down and resort back to those habits that just made all the pain go away…but with my loved ones, my writing, DIY projects, and amazing friends I made it through and I am so grateful to be able to say that I’m strong enough to handle the hardships life throws at me. Happy Sunday! 

Little Beauty Inspiration for those Fall Nights

Check out this tutorial for a pretty purple eye for those fall nights out with the girls or your beau via! 



  1. Sweep the matte lilac shadow all over the lid and crease.
  2. Trace the same shade along the lower lashline.
  3. Press the shimmer lilac shadow on the center of the upper lid a couple times to make it pop.
  4. Using an angled liner brush, sweep the gel liner across the upper lashline and wing it up and out for a little flick.
  5. Line the lower lashline with the same liner and brush, making it thicker as you work from the inner corner to the outer corner (remember, to make a line thicker you simply press harder!).
  6. Apply a couple coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.



Pair it with a peach or nude lip and you’re ready to go!

Happy Half-Birthday To Me!

So since today is my half-birthday (half way to the big 2-1!), I just wanted to reflect on my youth and the progression of my psyche as I get older…

On my eighteenth birthday, all I could think was: “Oh my god, I’m legal now! I can vote, buy cigarettes (I don’t smoke but it was still a fleeting thought in my mind), rent a car share vehicle, go to college! Oh lordy me!” But now as I reflect on getting older and the reasons why getting older is so scary, all I can think was “damn, I was immature”. As I’ve aged over the past two years, I’ve gone through several moments of tragedy, triumph, and then contentedness.

It’s crazy how time has flown past me, sometimes getting the best of me as I wait for the changes life was supposed to bring or the moments of calm after a heavy storm. I’ve lost loved ones (my best friend last fall) and gained some loved ones (some of my closest friends to date i.e. Walid Ashmeik). I’ve lost some good times (breakups, funerals, probationary periods of friendship) and have had some good times (makeups, births, weddings). And all-in-all, the amount of maturity I’ve gained is marvelous.

So as I most likely will celebrate this half-way mark to my penultimate adulthood, all I can say is: Bring it on and happy half-birthday to me!