Happy Half-Birthday To Me!

So since today is my half-birthday (half way to the big 2-1!), I just wanted to reflect on my youth and the progression of my psyche as I get older…

On my eighteenth birthday, all I could think was: “Oh my god, I’m legal now! I can vote, buy cigarettes (I don’t smoke but it was still a fleeting thought in my mind), rent a car share vehicle, go to college! Oh lordy me!” But now as I reflect on getting older and the reasons why getting older is so scary, all I can think was “damn, I was immature”. As I’ve aged over the past two years, I’ve gone through several moments of tragedy, triumph, and then contentedness.

It’s crazy how time has flown past me, sometimes getting the best of me as I wait for the changes life was supposed to bring or the moments of calm after a heavy storm. I’ve lost loved ones (my best friend last fall) and gained some loved ones (some of my closest friends to date i.e. Walid Ashmeik). I’ve lost some good times (breakups, funerals, probationary periods of friendship) and have had some good times (makeups, births, weddings). And all-in-all, the amount of maturity I’ve gained is marvelous.

So as I most likely will celebrate this half-way mark to my penultimate adulthood, all I can say is: Bring it on and happy half-birthday to me! 


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