Reflections on the Changes October Brings

As it is the beginning of October, the season of change has begun. And it is a beautiful season marked by the falling of leaves, the abundance of orange & yellow, and the crisp scent of crunchy leaves. The changes prominent in my life revolve around love, career, and family.

First, my love life is so ever-changing this fall. At the beginning of September I’d thought, I’ve finally found the guy. The guy I want to spend the season with, get to know, and let into my heart. And it started so beautifully: a night of wine, dinner, hulu, romance, clubbing, and then more romance with a walk home in the morning. He was just so perfect in the beginning. And then a few days later we had the best afternoon together…and then it all went to hell. Just such a sudden change, I’m still reeling. How can something so sweet turn into something so sour in such a short amount of time? But I guess that’s just how life works, right? I just wish he respected me as much as I tried to respect and honor whatever we were. But, again, that’s just how it works: you win some, you lose some. And now as October begins, I’ve been contacted by an old flame (ah, end of freshman year). I actually was just thinking about him yesterday morning before he Facebook messaged me and the good times we had without too much drama…perfect Freshman year non-romantic fling. So as October begins, so does something that’s hopefully long-lasting.

Next, are the changes in my career. These past few months have revolved around the start-up, a beauty data mining firm that is a place that has truly captured my heart. However, there have been some recent changes that have me questioning whether or not I still have a place there, and that is so stressful as a young professional. You work so, so hard to prove to them that you’re worth it…yet you just end up being expendable. And it hurts my heart. So I’ve recently pursued a position with Target (yes, the red bulls-eye) and I’m super excited. I’m OBSESSED with Target: their fashion collaborations, their branding, their BEAUTY section, the grocery section (FOOOOOD), and just so many other reasons. So, that’s the silver lining in this situation.

Finally, there’s the changes in my family life. I’ve been around my parents for so long that now I don’t know what to do without them. I depend on them for so much. Brief statement of change, but the truth.

So many changes, so many opportunities to explore new things, so many new budding friendships. What to do?


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