Please support me through downloading this app! I am the Cornell U Student Ambassador and I’d love to connect with you all more and learn more about you through Quad. :)

School has started and I can’t stand using Email and Blackboard to talk with my classmates. It is so hard to use on my phone and wastes my battery. Facebook isn’t much better because group chats are very limited! And I love group texting but it can become a hassle when you can only enter a limited amount of people into the chat. Thankfully, I found out that there is a smart and simple way to communicate with my groups. As a member of the Quad Squad, I’ve got the deets on how to simplify campus communication:


1. Don’t let your message get lost in the noise: With Quad, receive messages instantly and while you are on the go, plus you get a notification to alert you.


2. Make every communication interactive: Easily plan events, get feedback through polls, share documents and photos as well as receive important reminders.


3. Mobilize your group: With Quad, communicate with your group while you are away from your computer.


4. Download Quad and join my Quad Chat: Just download the app and find join my Quad Chat using this pin: QR759RLP

I hope to see you on my Quad Chat! And the more, the merrier! Don’t be afraid to relay this message to your friends and classmates and share my Quad PIN.


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