Project Unbreakable

So for those who don’t know about this specific cause, Project Unbreakable was started in 2011 by nineteen year-old Grace Brown to provide an outlet for victims of sexual assault. Since it’s inception, this platform has featured over two thousand images of sexual assault survivors holding posters, sticky notes, etc. of quotes from their attackers.

This particular cause resonated with me because in the Summer of 2008 I was sexually assaulted. Having been assaulted while under the influence both times, I was seen more as of a victim than a survivor. Both cases were dismissed because of my intoxication at the time of the assault, so therefore, I was not sober enough to not give consent. You may think, oh my that’s horrible, awful, disgusting, etc. And you are right. So many victims are deemed implausible because they were not 100% sober. But how sober do you have to be for someone to ignore you saying no? How sober do you have to be to realize that what is happening to you isn’t right and that you want it to stop? How sober do you have to be to wake up bruised and beaten for the public to recognize that no means no? Project Unbreakable sheds light on these questions and makes both victims and perpetrators realize that there is no excuse for rape.

So, please support this cause with donations or just positive thoughts to their email because what they are doing changes victims into survivors. As it did for me. No means no.



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