Farewell to Summer

And so it is autumn again. A season full of change, transformation, and endings. As the leaves change, there is a sudden sense of calm that surrounds those appreciate the change, who know that there is something new coming up ahead.

I have experienced so many changes this year already with new internship offers, new job offers, changing of friends every other day. Am I ready for all the unknown being presented to me? Am I ready to finally grow up and realize that there is more to college than Starbucks, prelims, and late night study sessions in my campus 24-hour eateries? 

I feel as if there is no amount of appropriate preparation that can prepare me for the adventure ahead. The reality of adulthood, the reality that there is no safety net of college ahead, the reality that real-life is starting. Just so much real, so much reality. Even as a junior, so much reality. 

Will I have time to stalk Polyvore for fashion finds and then collage them into dream outfits every day/night? Will I have time to walk those forty-five minutes to campus every day (like I do every weekend) to see my friends? Will I have time to create gourmet meals out of ramen every night? What will I have time for? What is reality, really? 

I hope that this season full of change presents new opportunities for love, friendship, jobs, and my creative pursuits. I hope that I can discover new paths to take in order to make this transition easier and less bumpy. Maybe, just maybe, all the change ahead can give me a path worth traveling by. 


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