DIY Instagram Journal! via

1. Measure the front of the journal you will be using then add 1/2 an inch to the length and width.

2. Create a document that size in Photoshop or PhotoGrid app (Android/iOS) and copy/paste Instagram photos in different sizes all over the document. Print your image. Repeat one more time for your back cover.

3. Use scrap-booking adhesive all the way around the front cover of your journal. Be sure to get very close to the edge for the best result.

4. Adhere your photo to the cover with Modgepodge, press down on all edges.

5. Open the cover and use the inside cover as a guide to cut away the excess so that the photo matches the shape of your cover exactly. Repeat with back cover.

6. Use washi tape to create a binding all the way down the spine with 2 inch pieces of tape.

7. Before you adhere your stickers to the cover, cut them out so you can experiment with placement.

8. Adhere stickers to the front cover and start jotting down those ideas! 


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