DIY Glam Jewelry Dish :)

Hey! Wanna make your own jewelry dish using around the house art supplies? Well, I have a DIY solution for you! 

What you’ll need:

Glitter, sequins, old photos, new photos.. whatever you want!

Triple-thick clear glaze

Elmer’s glue or Modpodge (best adhesive ever for DIY’ers)

A plain dish 

Paint Brush


1) Use the brush to paint on the adhesive to the dish. Make sure to cover the entire surface evenly.

2) Shower it with glitter or sequins! The more the better but remember to shake the excess off!

3) Allow it to dry all the way and then repeat till you coat the surface with sparkles! 

4) After the adhesive dries, paint the dish with the triple-thick glaze to create a glossy finish. Allow the dish to dry between coats!

5) Walaaa, magic! Sparkly magic!


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